Self-Adhesive Lashes


No Glue

Body Heat

Apply in

5+ Times


Our Self-Adhesive lashes are unique to the lash world. We took our famously gorgeous 3D faux mink lashes and put them on a reusable, cushiony, self-stick band. First class lash styles, 5-star comfort-level! These lashes basically apply themselves. The black tacky band combined with your own body heat work together for a glam look that will last all day (or night!)

Yes, our Self-Adhesive lashes are latex-free.

STEP 1: Curl your natural lashes and apply a light coat of mascara, if desired.

STEP 2: Remove lash holders from tray and peel off lashes.​ Measure and trim the lashes to fit your eyes. Place lash holders back on tray to store lashes when not in use.

STEP 3: Apply the lashes along the lash line, pressing on the band to secure it to the skin. Your body heat will help the lash band stick and stay on all day!​ For extra security, apply lashes with an applicator and press them together with your natural lashes along the band. The black band mimics the look of eyeliner for a finished look.

You will still get great results applying our Self-Adhesive lashes over eye makeup, but for optimal performance and durability, we suggest applying them on clean skin. The black band also doubles as eyeliner! Once applied, complete your eye makeup routine. If you’re applying over eyeliner or eyeshadow, consider cleaning your lashes more frequently to maintain their adhesive quality.

Our Self-Adhesive lashes can stay on for 12+ hours and are reusable for up to 5+ wears with proper care and storage.

When you’re ready to take off your Self-Adhesive lashes, delicately lift and peel the band away from your lash line starting from the outer corner and moving inwards. If you need a little extra help, you can put a small amount of oil-free makeup remover near the band with a cotton swab or your fingertips and gently keep peeling.​

Always store your lashes on their original lash holders to preserve stickiness and shape.

After 2-3 wears, wipe the lash band with an oil-free makeup remover or water to clean and reactivate the adhesive.​

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Warm the lash band with a hair dryer for 5 seconds and apply again.

Once the lash band is no longer tacky, you can extend the life of your lashes by using one of our lash glues to apply like a standard strip lash.


Absolutely! These will certainly be your new favorite performance lashes. They will stick with you through it all! See what we did there!? Perfect for the stage, track, court, and even the gym!

Some factors that could negatively affect the application of your Self-Adhesive lashes are not pressing them down enough on your lash line to secure the adhesion, oily eyelids, applying over too much eyeliner, and getting the lash band wet.

Here are some tips and tricks you can try:

– Blot your lids with an oil blotting sheet before applying.
– Warm the lash band with a hair dryer for 5 seconds before applying.
– After the lashes have been applied for a few minutes, hold down the inner and outer corners with your fingers. Your body heat will help activate the tackiness of the band for a better adhesion.
– Use an applicator to fuse the lashes with your natural lashes by pressing them together at the lash line, along the band.
– Sneak in a little Power Liner on your inner and outer corners to help with any lifting after a few wears and to also finish off your look.